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How to Organize a Zero-Waste Lending Library for Parties and Events

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How to Organize a Zero-Waste Lending Library How many times have you attended (or hosted) an event where the plates, cups, utensils, and decorations are disposable - as in used…

How to Throw a Zero-Waste Kids’ Birthday Party That Doesn’t Disappoint

| Entertaining, Family, Zero Waste | One Comment
How to Throw a Zero Waste Kids' Party Ah, kids, those little lovers of all things bright, shiny, plastic and disposable. How do you throw zero-waste kids' birthday parties that…

Easy DIY Glass and Mirror Cleaner

| Cleaning, Zero Waste | No Comments
Keep your glass and mirror surfaces clean of fingerprints, dust, spots and anything else that doesn’t belong! This cleaner is inexpensive and super fast to make, especially in our Glass…


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