Keep your glass and mirror surfaces clean of fingerprints, dust, spots and anything else that doesn’t belong! This cleaner is inexpensive and super fast to make, especially in our Glass Cleaner bottle, but you can reuse any empty (and cleaned out) spray bottle you may already have. A streak-free shine for mere pocket change? Yes, please!

TIME: Three minutes
MAKES: 1 16oz bottle Glass Cleaner
COST: 25 cents

3oz rubbing alcohol, or try it with vodka, it works well too!
3oz distilled white vinegar
1 ½ c filtered water (if you’re using the Unfettered Home Glass Cleaner bottle, just fill it to the top)


1tbsp corn starch
20 drops of your favorite essential oil

Spray bottle, like ours, for example

1. Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle.
2. Shake well before each use.
3. Spray onto all glass surfaces, and wipe clean with crumpled up newspaper, or a clean, dry rag.

Source vinegar or vodka in glass bottles and rubbing alcohol in the largest bottle you can find.
If you are using crumpled up newspaper as a rag, be sure to toss it in the compost instead of the garbage bin when you are done!