Rescue your lips…or someone else’s, as you save money AND have fun making a batch of lip salve with a few key ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and olive oil.

TIME: 20 minutes
MAKES: 10 lip balm sticks
COSTS: $15

1 tbsp shea butter (Get it here in a glass jar)
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp + 1 tsp beeswax pellets (Find them here)
30 drops essential oil of your choice – peppermint and lemongrass work nicely. (We like this one)

Measuring spoons
Pot for boiling water
Mason jar or another tempered glass container
Wooden chopstick or alternative stirrer
10 lip balm tubes or other small, airtight containers (Metal ones like these are nice)
Personalized labels (optional)

1. Fill pot with 2 inches of water and bring to a boil on the stove.
2. Put shea butter and olive oil in your jar and place jar in the hot water bath.
3. Add beeswax and allow to melt completely, stirring with the wooden chopstick if necessary. (You can also do this in a double boiler.)
4. Remove from the hot water bath.
5. Mix in essential oils. Be sure to wait to add until the mixture is taken off the heat to keep the oils from evaporating.
6. Pour mixture into your containers, let cool, and label.


  • Substitute almond oil for the olive oil.
  • Substitute cocoa or mango butter for the shea butter.


  • You can skip the pellets and grate the beeswax yourself, but be prepared to donate your cheese grater to the cause.
  • Be sure to wash your tools quickly with hot water and soap before the wax hardens!
  • If you prefer a glossier balm, add a touch more oil, and if you like it waxier, well, add more wax.
  • Time saver: melt the ingredients in the microwave instead of over the stove (we won’t tell…).

Refill old lip balm tubes or small empty jars you have around the house instead of buying new ones. If you do choose new, try recyclable metal or glass containers like these.

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